Man is a social animal.

Since caste is just a part of the society, if a caste just thinks within caste, it can not exist and flourish in the society. However, consciousness of caste is an undeniable social under current that exists in Indian Social Stream.

To be frank, the covert and overt role played by caste in Indian social life is so ugly that it cannot be written in democratic words, anymore.

The hardworking tribal caste known by Od, Vadder, Bhovi and other names, has built modern India with it’s sweat and blood. Today this caste is fighting for the social justice it, rightfully deserves. To help us with this righteous demand, I have developed a portal for our caste, with the help of my husband(Dr. OSK Raju)

www. (Available in English, Kannada and Telugu languages)

We request community members to visit and enroll in this site to shape this site more community friendly in every possible way.

With warm regards,

Your sister,

Dr. JERPETI Chandrakala